Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 31: lots of leftovers

For breakfast I started the day with several hamburgers that were over from last night. So on the one hand that's good because eating something veggie while throwing away meat... that's stupid and in the end even more resources are being used. On the other hand, those burgers were cooked with me in mind, they already had my name on them in the evening... so actually I didn't eat leftovers in the morning, I merely postponed eating the This werkmeat from the evening. This will improve over time with properly informing the family, or with moving out ofcourse.

For lunch i chose a feta-salad, I wonder if that's an intended timing by the chef so that more days have a vegetarian option?

And for dinner i had made a baguette with the leftovers from the salad, yumyum, but i forgot it at work in the fridge :-(
So for dinner i ended up eating half a meal of not so yummy whole grain rice with some fruit out of a can and not the fishsticks that were made for me. Yep, a talk with the family is needed.

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